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Why is a Local SEO strategy so important your may be asking?

And that's a great question.

If you're a business that has a physical location or serving a specific geographic area than Local SEO is a must.

A local SEO strategy targets customers in a specific city, region, or neighbourhood.

And focuses on improving your rankings and visibility in your local search.

These results are known as The Google Maps Pack, aka the Local 3-Pack or SERP.

Whenever searching Google for a service or product you need, eg “plumber, lawyer, hairdresser” or

a term such as “ladies clothing, child care or pool filter”.

A map with the top three business listings appears in the search results for that term.

These top three businesses, have been selected by Google's algorithm as rated the best to meet your search criteria.

And for the businesses they are being rewarded for using the same terms and have client recommendations and reviews to support the business claims.

That's what makes Local SEO unique.

Local SEO Could Be Confusing

Especially if your don't know what your doing.

Reviewly SEO Strategy Map with 10 categories and subcategories such as: Customer review, define products, review online assets, ideal client research, geo location, optimization, GMB, business listings, citations and backlinks

Benefits Of Local SEO For Your Business


Local SEO can not only improve your visibility in local search results, but can also help you build a better online presence in general. Having your NAP,(Name, Address and Phone Number) listed on directory listings (business listings) and business specific citations.  As an example if you are a lawyer being listed on a citation such as best 3 lawyers in your area, will increase traffic to your site. It’s so much easier being found when your business is listed where your clients are looking.


You can enhance your visibility on Google Maps by optimising your Google Business Profile. Due to the fact that Google Maps is specifically designed to help users find local services and plan their journeys, this can result in more phone calls and in-person visits.  Having an optimised Google Business Profile will directly increase your Maps visibility, resulting in more calls and in-person visits, since Google maps are populated using information from Google Business Profiles.


When your business comes up in the top 3 naturally, the person searching asks themselves why? Mostly they will discover that you are good at what you do and therefore they should engage your business.


Review success is a cornerstone of local SEO success and a key ranking factor in local search. Your reputation management strategy will be improved the more reviews you get and the more visibility you’ll earn in local search.  The importance of review building cannot be overemphasised when it comes to building consumer trust.


Like anything in business we should always be learning and reviewing what’s working and what’s not. That’s why taking a close look at your competitors is important. Their reviews alone should tell you what they are good at and what they aren't.


Choosing a local business is made easier by online reviews. The average person searches online for information about a local business more than once a week.  As a result of your reputation management efforts, you can present them with authentic recommendations from their peers about your business. This underscores why local SEO is so important.

We’ll Help You With Our Simple

Proven SEO Strategy.

  • Outline what products and services are your bread and butter and what TERMS or KEYWORDS to use?

  • REVIEW your website for any possible tweaks.

  • Who is your Ideal client and what questions are they asking and where do they hide?

  • Where is your Geo-location?
  • Optimise, optimise and more optimisation!!

  • Wrapping a bow around your Google Business Profile and making it stand out from your competition.

  • Increasing your businesses listings with 100's to choose from.

  • Be added to industry specific citations.
  • Building backlinks like compounding interest in your bank account.
  • AND
  • Generate positive reviews across 3rd party platforms on autopilot.
Two white phones , one on top of the other with a showing the increase in local seo using the Reviewly software management tools

Reviewly has a proven process that helps you manage your Local SEO strategy and 5 star reviews in one location.

With REVIEWLY, you NEVER need to worry about Local SEO again. The Reviewly software management solution helps businesses of all sizes with every step of the optimisation process, using real time data metrics and a seamless integration system.

Reviewly is a one-stop shop for all your Local SEO needs!

Total visibility:

You need to know what you're paying for and see the 'real time' benefits in your REVIEWLY dashboard.

We take care of that for you.

Local SEO

Straightforward pricing:

You have peace of mind knowing that there are no surprises because we offer 'one low monthly price',

not a range of "surprises" at the end.

And a package to meet any budget.

No more guesswork:

We've Analysed And Studied Literally Every Aspect Of Local SEO, To Find The Best Ways To Rank Your Business Higher.

We Have A Process That Helps You Rank Higher.

With Quick Results, Affordable Pricing, And It Doesn't Matter If You're A Small Business Or A Big One.

The Sky's The Limit With Reviewly!

If your business is spending money on advertising then working with Reviewly to help build your Local SEO is a no brainer.

With research showing that businesses with a strong organic SEO strategy can increase their ROI by up to 50%. And unlike spending money on advertising, organic SEO is yours to keep and NEVER stops paying dividends.

Unlike ads which can stop working unexpectedly, or your Facebook and Instagram accounts get shut down. Local SEO is yours and is the framework to building a solid online reputation.

Not to mention it screams trust from your next buyer because you've EARNT your position on Google and haven't PAID for it!


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